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6 weeks

(Sep - Oct 2020)


In China, basketball is one of the most popular sports among young people. However, after graduating from college, many people quit playing basketball due to their lifestyle changes. But still, many people want to keep basketball as their hobby, but find it difficult to find friends to play with them.



Hoop is a service that helps people book basketball courts and play basketball with people they don't know. By introducing a match/court filter, after-match mutual evaluation, and bill splitting system, Hoop wants to provide all the players with a fun, safe and sustainable basketball experience.



First of all, I need to understand the market and find out potential problems. I took the following actions to conduct my research (Scroll to the end of the page to see more research process).



  • 20 Hours Secondary Research (market research and competitive research, etc.)

  • 1-on-1 Interview with 3 users

  • Scenario Critique with 2 users

  • Usability Test with 4 users

Defining the subgroups

To find out potential breakthrough points, I spent around a week observing people's lives to understand what's trending now in the Chinese market, what people like and hate, and what bothers them, etc. I created 3 ideas and after pitching them to my team, I decided to focus on the amateur basketball community and mapped out subgroups as below.


Mapping out each group's needs

After setting basketball and amateur basketball players as my target, I began grouping them based on their needs, which helped me quickly understand general needs. Also, I noticed that even people under the same group might have different needs based on their goals and interests, so instead of calling everyone an amateur basketball player, a more detailed grouping is needed.


Interview 1

Interview to find out user's general needs

After sharing insights with my team, I interviewed 2 users to learn about their experience playing basketball as working grownups. Our talks started with a discussion about booking basketball courts, playing with strangers to how they improve their skills, etc. Below is a list of notes I took from the interview.



  1. Need a convenient way to find and book basketball courts.

  2. Want to look for people to play basketball regularly.

  3. Interested in learning basketball techniques from online videos.

Interview card.png

Market Research

These were insightful comments and had the potential to become a service, so I analyzed 5 products to see what had already existed in the market and find out a blue ocean for my product.


This competitive research showed that some of my ideas have already existed in the market while court sharing is still a blue ocean. Also, for my target audience, playing basketball games with others regularly is the top priority.


Interview 2


Interview to find out key insights

After defining the direction of the product. I wanted to further understand the current situation of the target audience, I interviewed several people to find out their needs, concerns, and pain points, and here are some excerpts from the interviews:

"Playing basketball with people you don’t know is risky because what if they disagree with the result and start a fight?"