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"All-time favorite 10" is a booklist that users can put their favorite 10 books in. After completing this booklist, BookBit will suggest other people that share the same reading tastes to them. Users can follow or check out each others' reading logs to find out books that might interest them.

After Reading Survey

After users finish reading a book, BookBit will ask them specific reasons about how they like it. This feature aims to increase the accuracy of the recommendation.


Whisper is a feature that allows users to ask questions or share thoughts with their friends. This feature is only open to people who have already finished the book or are currently reading it. Users can underline sentences and @ a friend to ask for their thoughts or leave a note for them when they reach that particular part.


The user who receives this whisper can reply directly to it. BookBit will send a notification to both of the users to let them know when they receive a new reply.

This feature aims to stimulate the joy of talking about books. By doing so, users will remain highly motivated to finish this book.

Reading Marathon

Reading Marathon is a feature that encourages users to vocalize their reading goals and commit to them. Users can start a reading marathon by putting 3 books onto the list and setting up a deadline that they want to finish.


Reading Marathon will be shared with their friends and hold them accountable to finish their readings.

Magic Wand

Magic Wand is a playful feature that locates next to the search bar on the search page. Every time users click it, Magic Wand will randomly recommend one book to users. This feature aims to take users out of their comfort zones (aka their favorite genres) and provide the experience of encountering a book that interests them when browsing around a bookstore aimlessly.