User Research, Wireframing, Prototyping

Miro, Figma


3 weeks


This was a redesign project from the Digital Product Design class Yi took in fall 2020. Students were required to redesign a digital product with an individual focus on a specific audience or use case. Yi and her teammate Shi-Ju decided to pick Tinder and transform it into an adoption app to help pets to find forever homes.


When adopting dogs and cats, purebreds are preferred by the adopters. We want to provide an equal chance for dogs and cats with ambiguous breeds by focusing on the animals’ characteristics, personal story, and how long have they been in the shelter, instead of what breed they are to provide an emotional appeal to the potential adopters.


To make every adoption a successful and sustainable one, Shi-Ju and Yi needed to know the potential constraints and the difficult sides of keeping a pet. After researching and exchanging their own experience of keeping pets, they found out 5 major reasons that lead to a bad adoption.

  • Pets' behavioral problems

  • Owners don't have enough time for pets

  • Cost of maintenance


A mismatch between the pet and the adopter's lifestyle.

This kind of problem is avoidable if the pre-adoption consultation and pairing are accurate.



  1. Providing detailed filter to help adopters find the pet that fit their lifestyles best.

  2. Including the pet's characteristics on the pet profile page. Giving the adopters a better understanding of the pet.

  3. A chat with the foster before adopting will be mandatory. Foster volunteers will answer adopters' questions and see if they are suitable candidates for the pet.

  • Birth of new family member

  • Moving


Lack of fully understanding that keeping a pet is a lifelong commitment.

No one can predict things happening in the future but we can still have fewer sad endings by educating new adopters in advance.


  1. Foster volunteers will educate adopters about the potential problems by chat.

  2. Adopters need to fill out the adoption form including certain questions about their near future life plan.


To ensure each adopter takes adoptions seriously, Shi-Ju and Yi made an onboarding with many detailed questions for the first round.

After testing and reviewing the first version of wireframing, Shi-Ju and Yi found out that long onboarding pages might easily cause users to lose interest. To avoid this problem, they simplified the onboarding process and restructured the app as follows:


Pawfect has 2 major interfaces. One for the adopters and one for the foster volunteers. Adopters and Fosters can use the chat feature to communicate. Adopters can filter to find out a specific pet that meets their lifestyle on the adopter's interface. They can also ask fosters for more detail about the pet. On the foster's interface, fosters can easily check out the status of all the animals they are currently taking care of.


Adopter Interface

Foster Interface

Final Design

Adopter Interface


A short and clear onboarding to quickly share Pawfect's attitude and concept with users.

Pet Pop Up

To give exposure to pets that have been waiting with foster families for a long time, Pawfect will pop up one of them every time when users open the app.


This filter allows adopters to search for pets that fit their lifestyles and economic capabilities. 

This feature helps to avoid potential mismatches.


In Pawfect, there is no "not matching" feature, if users find the pet they like they can swipe right and chat with the foster. 


Adopters can ask more questions through the chat feature. If the foster thinks the adopter would be a good candidate, he can send the Adopter Application Portal to the adopter for background screening.

Adopter Profile

Adopters can introduce themselves on the profile page to give a good first impression to the foster. Also, they can modify the distance range to limit or expand the area that they want to look for the pets.

Pet Profile

On the pet profile page, Pawfect provides detailed information about the pet to help adopters have a deeper understanding about the pet they are looking at.

Foster Interface


The dashboard gives the foster an overview of the status of all the animals they are currently fostering. Fosters can see what they need to do next, new messages, etc. Also, more experienced fosters can apply for more animals to take care of through this page.


On the chat page, fosters can talk with adopters. The golden paw badge next to the name means that the adopter has passed all the background screening and is qualified to take the animal home, aka a Pawfect match.

Foster Profile

Pawfect wants to appreciate all the foster volunteers' dedication. We send short thank you messages to the fosters and show all the perfect matches(aka Alumni) to motivate fosters to help more animals.