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Things I did

Competitive Research
User Interview
Product Analysis

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Hideaki Watanabe
Yuji Ishibashi


To celebrate the 30th anniversary, The director of Sweet Love Shower wanted us to create something to celebrate the particular year and at the same time boost the popularity of the festival.


The success and failure of a music festival depend largely on the artist's lineup. If the organizer can assign famous artists that year, usually tickets will be sold out in 2 days; if not, it will be a challenging year for the music festival. Our goal was to excavate other unique points of Sweet Love Shower to reduce the dependencies of artists to attract customers.

My Responsibilities





For the first step, we conducted competitive researches and user interviews to find out how music lovers think about each music festival to find out the unique point that only Sweet Love Shower has.


Compares to other major music festivals, Sweet Love Shower has relatively easy access, and the line-up is more likely to be widely accepted by the general public.



User Interviews

For the next step, we interviewed people who have been to the music festival before and asked them what they think about Sweet Love Shower and what makes them pick one music festival over another.

Interviewee A

Compared to other music festivals, Sweet Love Shower looks more welcoming. I see a lot of families with young kids go there. Also, even though I'm not a big music fan, I can still enjoy Fuji Mountain and its natural ambiance.

Other music festivals are too niche, and I don't think a person like me who likes music but is not a music maniac can enjoy it. Sweet Love Shower feels more like an entry-level music festival for people to start. Also, the access from Tokyo is excellent.

Interviewee B

Interviewee C

I went there last year, my boyfriend and I spent the first day enjoying the music, and the next day, we drove around to visit the local scenic spot and try local foods. We also booked a local hotel with a hot spring. The trip was fun and relaxing.

Key takeaways

  • Sweet Love Shower looks welcoming to people who have never been to music festivals.

  • Access is a key factor for people to consider.

  • Aside from the music festival, its hot spring and local food are also appealing for people.

Unique propositions

After sharing our findings with the client, we both agreed that the following 3 points were the biggest unique propositions that we should focus on to differentiate from competitors.

We invite the most famous artists so that anyone can enjoy it.

It is held on the plains surrounded by lakes and mountains, which other music festivals don't have.

We also have attractions for kids and lounges for families.


By creating this website, we wanted to establish the brand image that Sweet Love Shower is the first choice for people who have never experienced music festivals. People can enjoy nature and music at the same time.


We decided to create an itinerary for different visitor groups, for example, families with young kids, couples, friend groups, etc. We created personas and selected recommended spots based on their needs and likes.



To match them with the best sightseeing spots, we mapped out all the internal attractions in the festival and external scenic sites around the venue and picked one by one based on their needs and preferences.


To ensure all the team members and the client have a clear understanding of these personas, I also created a persona deck with plenty of images to describe how each group looks, their behavior pattern at a music festival, etc. Compares to a text-only persona sheet, this deck can quickly capture each group's feature and save designer and illustrator so much time on character setting.

persona 1.png


After the client approved the persona, I created a wireframe to show how all the components would come together and the detailed content of each section.




Final Design

ラブシャラバーに聞いた   あなたの知らないラブシャ&ジャーニー   S